graphicacy Exhibition Design

This was a collaborative exhibition design done for my undergraduate senior show with Eliana Stein and Yeonjae Yuk. All three of us intended to use information graphics in our individual pieces, thus the concept and the name for the group showing. We devised and designed information graphics (as seen in slides 2 and 3) based on the making of our individual projects and the planning leading up to the exhibition itself.

My own piece (slides 4 and 5) was loosely inspired by neuron mapping through pop culture via words. Each of the 9 panels represents a person or a group of people, the center panel representing myself. This representation consists of things they have said, song lyrics, television quotes, etc. which hold particular and direct connections to that individual in my mind. Connections between individual and myself are represented through color-coded threads and token objects which again hold particular significance. Are you still reading? Let me know!